Genealogy of Sir John Kingcombe

This is not a formally researched genealogy based on primary research – and I have concerns about repeating other’s work without checking – for this is the way that mistakes become truths.  However, there is a growing interest in Kincombe and I hope to get some feedback.  There is a major problem – the name Kingcombe was spelt (even by its bearers) in various ways – Kinkham, Kincombe, Kincome, and Kingcome are all used.  A further problem is the number of children in some generations.  So, treat this with care, but it may provide a helpful guide.

First generation

Henry Kinckham (1665 – 1717) m Joan Blackaller (1634 – 1695)

Second generation

Henry Kinckham (1665 – 1717) m Thomasina Ford (1664-1720)

Third generation

Joan (1696-1696), Henry (1701- ), Anne (1706-1706)

Richard Kingcomb  (1699-?) m Jane Holditch (1699-?)

Fourth generation

Thomasine (1726- ), Josias, (1738-1739), Richard (1728-), Henry (1734-1743)

John Holditch Kingcombe (1730-1807) m Elizabeth Lanyon (1736-1807)

Fifth Generation

Elizabeth (1772-?), Richard Holditch (1760-1826) *8 children, Jane (1761- ), John (1768-1838) *13 children, Mary (1770-1771), Mary (?-1842), Grace (1772- ), Thomasin (1776-1829), Sarah (1780-)

Henry Kinkham (1762-1849) m Mary Perring (1768-1835)

Sixth generation

Henry Kinkam (?-1832), John Kinkam (1793-1871), Richard Kinkam (1795-1860), Josias Kinkam, Jane Kinkam, Mary Kinkam, William Kingcombe, George Kingcombe. Philip Brown Kingcombe, John Kingcombe. Sarah Kingcombe, Charles Kingcombe (1818-1873)


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