Albums of F.E. Birks



Small hardbound album in portrait format 15 cent x 23 cent.  8 heavy card pages.  32 photographs, 4 per each page.  Labelled (in the hand of Bernard Crossland) Early Photographs of Frank Elliott Birks.

Mixture a family, places, sports, agricultural and landscape.  No information about them provided.



Small red, hardbound album in portrait format 16 cent x 23 cent.  8 heavy card pages interleaved with tissue paper.  Front title page, 13 photographs.

Selections from The Portfolio.  Copies and reproduced by F.E.Birks.  The Portfolio was founded on Mar. 22nd by the founder members being F.E. Birks, T.R. Collis, H.A. Goodall, P.E. Gregory, whilst C.E. Priestley and J.W Winfield joined the circle in 1928 and 1931 respectively.  ‘The Portfolio’ continued in circulation for ten years, during which time 222 photographs were entered.  The last contribution dated April 27th 1936.  Derby 1938.

Photographs by various named members include landscape, animals and flowers.  One of Audrey (F.E. Birks’ only daughter) as a toddler.



Maroon hardbound album in landscape format 24 cent x 21 cent.  18 stiff paper pages, typescript inserts and loose material in pocket.  33 photos in various sizes, landscape and cityscape.

A Week along the River Dard.  F.E.B.  Derby 1949.

Photos annotated.  Typescript details journey with some technical details of photography.  Frank had links to Devon, his mother, Jane Elliott Stevens had been born there.



Small hardbound album in portrait format 11 cent x 10.5 cent.  12 card pages, 48 small photographs.  Labelled (in the hand of Bernard Crossland) Family photographs of Frank Elliott Birks.

Photographs include some of (probable) family along with sea and landscapes.


Large hardbound album in portrait format 17 cent x 28 cent.  24 card pages, 48 photo.  Labelled (in the hand of Bernard Crossland) Photographs of Frank Elliott Birks.

All unlabeled, some are family and others relate to areas of Derbyshire linked the family history.




Black hardbound album in landscape format 30 cent x 14 cent. 20 stiff paper pages, 67 photo.  Labelled (in the hand of Bernard Crossland Photographs taken by frank Elliott Birks.

All the photos are of Bristol and the surrounding area (where his daughter and family lived).  Some are annotated in his hand, most are dated with a date in the early 1950s.  Two pages of notes folded at back.


Dark green hardbound album in landscape formatted 35 cent x 24 cent.  35 card pages, around 220 photos (there are some postcards which I have tried to exclude).  Labelled (in the hand of Bernard Crossland) Photographs of Derbyshire taken by Frank Elliott Birks.

All are dated with some annotations, most date to the 1920s and 1930s.  All relate to the Peak District of Derbyshire where he had deep family roots.  Some are ‘art photographs’ of landscapes.



Black portfolio in portrait format 27 cent x 30 cent, embossed on outside Photos by F. E. Birks  30 loose, mainly mounted photos, some in folders, some with comments by other member of Derby Photographic Society.

Subjects include landscapes, building and his children.  All date from the 1920s and 1930s and are clearly linked to the Society.  There is one photo of him labelled ‘The President.’


Red buckram, with leather spine and corners, presentation album in portrait format 22 cent x 26 cent.  36 gilt-edged, card pages, interleaved with tissue paper with mounted photos on each side.  Indexed at front.  Handwritten title Presented to Mr F.E. Birks In acknowledgement of his work in compiling the History of Derby Photographic Society – with the gratitude and esteem of the officers and members of the Society.  Signed by the President and two Vice Presidents, dated April 1935.  Some handwritten/typescript pages relating to Society matters enclosed.



History of the Derby Photographic Society 1884-1934.  F.E.Birks. (Privately Published. 1934).  80 pages, index and plates.


There are some additional albums of postcards, an autograph book and four notebooks in typescript/handwriting relating to family and Derbyshire local history.  Some further loose photos, mainly of family members probably/possibly by F.E. Birks.  All are in possession of his eldest grand-daughter.