A note on Hugh Hogarth’s son, Peter Clark Hogarth and his siblings

Hugh Hogarth’s youngest son was Peter Clark Hogarth born in Glasgow around 1882, his only child to be born in Scotland.  In the 1891 and 1901 census Peter is living in Kenmore Street with his family and in 1901 described as a ‘civil engineer.’  By 1914 he is living in Porter Street, Glasgow and described as a draughtsman.

In 1912 he married Mary Cringan  in Kilmarnock; Mary was a nurse  from the small Ayrshire town of  Muirkirk Cringan (with a number of variant spellings) is a name closely associated with Muirkirk and the surrounding area.  Mary had two very famous cousins, the footballers Willie and Jimmy Cringan who were the sons of her father’s brother James Anderson Cringan.  Willie was a renown Scottish International player who also captained Celtic.  Jimmy was his young brother and played for Birmingham including in the 1931 FA Cup.

Peter continued to  work as  a professional Civil Engineer until his death in Belfast in 1956.  He probably is the P.C.Hogarth holding a Patient in 1927 GB294500 Hogarth, P. C. April 22, 1927. Stands for recreation grounds.  He shared some of his father’s adventuring spirit, since in the early 1920s he moved to Belfast and in the 1930s worked in Dublin at a time when Ireland was politically very unsettled.  He had cousins living in Ireland since one of his mother’s relations had married into the Anglo-Irish Wynne family, so it is possible that these connections influenced his decision.  In the early 1920s he is living in Ivy Cottage in Donaghadee, a small village on Belfast Lough; in Dublin he is living just off the prestigious Leeson Street, and his last address in Belfast is Dunore Old Dundonald Road , a pleasant, up-market area close to Stormont.  Earlier he had lived at 30, Rosetta Avenue in Belfast where he appears in the telephone directory from 1940; Rosetta is a  middle class suburban area of South East Belfast.  He also seems to have maintained an address at 60 Boothferry Road in Hull where he is listed in the telephone directory as ‘P.C.Hogarth structural engineer’ throughout the 1940s and early 1950s.  A member of his family suggests that he had links to the steel company Dorman Long, active in Northern England. In the 1950s he had an office in central Belfast at 58 Waring Street, a good commercial address.

In Belfast he was involved in the construction of the Law Courts in the 1920s, the Ulster Museum and the Gaumont Cinema in the city centre.  His area of expertise appears to have been concrete technology – a feature of ‘modern’ architecture of the period.  He had two sons. Robert and Hugh, and a daughter, Jane Bryce; there are a number of grandchildren and great grand children.  He died on 2nd January 1956 and is buried in Belfast’s Roselawn Cemetary.  Mary Cringan Hogarth died in January 1968 at the age of 83 and is also buried in Roselawn.  Their daughter Jane Bryce Hogarth (later Addy) died in 2001 in Belfast.

One of his grandsons recalls him as an extrovert, larger than life character who often wore a stetson-type hat, a gregarious man with an expansive style of behaviour and smoked Cuban cigars.   He notes that he was a good artist and a very fine piano player.  He had a great love of Dublin and probably only left as War broke out and he would have had difficulties running his business from Ireland.

Peter’s older brother Hugh is married by 1901 to Elizabeth Jane Grant and living in Cathcart with his wife, Elizabeth  and two daughters, Jane and Flora Craig (two more daughters are born later, Patricia and Janetta Harvey Hogarth who shared the same name as her aunt).  He appears to have followed his father’s trade and is described as a draper’s salesman.  In 1927 James’ daughter Flora Craig Hogarth is a passenger on The Caledonian, travelling to New York. She marries a fellow Scot, William Ross, and in the US 1930 Census is living in White Plains.  They have at least one child, a son born in 1929.   Flora died in North Carolina in 1991.

Little is known about Hugh Hogarth’s other children.  In addition to Peter Clarke and Hugh, he had another son, James who was a stock broker.  His two daughters did not marry, Janetta Harvey Hogarth was a music teacher and certainly still alive in 1940.  Henrietta Lizzie Jones Hogarth died in 1936, her brother and sister were executors of her will.


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