Isabel Addey Tate’s relations

Isobel was one of a large number of siblings, the 1911 census suggests that her mother had eight surving children.  One of them, her brother Darcy Tate was a considerable success in North America.    He was born in Portadown in 1866,  he graduated from  Queens College Belfast in law (as a Methodist, he benefitted from the college’s acceptance of non-conformists). He emigrated to Canada where he was called to the Ontario Bar in 1893. He  commenced  his career as counsel for  the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway, 1895-1905.  He was  appointed assistant solicitor, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, 1905 and was promoted to  solicitor in 1910. He was vice president of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, 1912-1918.  In the 1921 Canadian Census he is living with his widowed mother and two of his sisters, Lilian and Florence, in Oak Bay, British Columbia.  The town of D’arcy in British Columbia is named after him.  He died in 1935, his final home was in British Columbia in a house called ‘Drumcree’ – a name the underlined his family roots in Portadown.  His marriage in 1913 had ended in divorce, he has no descendents.

A number of her siblings and her mother, Isabella, settled in various parts of North America, mainly in the area around Spokane in Washington State.  Her mother died in Spokane in 1935.  Her sister, Florence has numerous descendents in the area.  Her older brother  George August Tate also settled  in the USA, he too has a number of descendents.



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