Kelita Crossland’s Children and Descendents

These are notes on Kelita’s children, their spouses and families.

Maria was born 1861, a flax spinner in 1881.  She married Joshua Hartley, a labourer, 17th May 1887 in the Parish Church of St Peters, Hunslet Moor.  Her address was 10, Pemberton Street (this is in Hunslet), his is 24 Derby Crescent (Hunslet).  His father is noted as William Hartley, joiner.  Neither bride nor groom can sign their names.  The witnesses are Maria’s sister, Sarah Ann and Joah Micklethwaite, who will become Sarah Ann’s husband; both can sign their names.  It is possible that in the 1891 and 1901 census Maria and ‘Johnson’ Hartley are living in Balcombe Grove, certainly her date and place of birth are correct.

Thomas was born in 1867, a boiler maker in 1881.  He marries a widow, Clara Callan on 30th April 1894 at St Clement, Sheepscar in Leeds.  Her address is St Clement’s Place, his Cross Barrack Street.  Her father is William Clifford a stoker.  Oddly, she appears as Clara Coates in earlier censuses.  In 1901 they are living in Gladstone Street in Nottingham with their children Alfred, Lillian R, Thomas and Symons, all born in Nottingham. He is described as a ‘single iron blacksmith.’  In the same year Clara’s daughter by her first marriage, Maud Callan, is living with her grandfather William Clifford in Hunslet.  In 1911 they are still in Nottingham but at 24 Kinglake Street , Thomas is a boiler fitter and Alfred a printer.

James William was born 1864, a boiler maker in 1881.  He marries Mary Ann Duncan on 27th October 1884 at the Parish Church of St Peter, Hunslet.  His address is 20 Derby Crescent, Hunslet.  Her address is 10 Pemberton Street (the same as her sister-in-law Maria in 1881).  Her father is William Duncan.  She cannot sign her name.  The witness is James’ brother Walter and married sister Maria Hartley, who cannot sign her name. In 1891 he is a boiler maker and she a ‘rag picker (?).  In 1901 they are living in Church Street, he is still a boiler maker, she is not noted as having employment.  Mary Ann’s family appear to be low down the social system, in 1891 her father, born in Scotland is ‘a labourer out of employ.’  Her mother, Amelia is Irish.  Her sister ‘a domestic servant out of employ,’ her brother David a labourer and Mary Ann is described as a furrier.  In 1911 a couple with the same names and birth details are living at 185 Hunslet Road, oddly she is described a boiler fitter and he is a fried fish seller working on his own account.  Close examination of the census form suggests that she has had one living and one dead child with no surving child.

Sarah Ann was born in 1866.  She marries Joah Micklethwaite on 31st August 1889 in Hunslet Parish Church.  She has no employment, he is a blanket fuller.  She is living at 1 Hall Street, he at 27 Richard Street.  Bridge, groom and witnesses all sign their names.  In 1901 they are living in Bagnall Street with their children Ernest and Harriet (later they will have a further son Jesse); Joah is a factory time-keeper.  In 1913 Sarah Ann and Jesse are travelling to Fishguard from New York on The Mauretania.  Joel dies in 1944.

Walter was born in 1868; in 1891 he is a joiner.  In the summer of 1893 he marries Lilly Whitehead in Thetford.  She is a teacher, possibly in the local National School; he is working for Burridges the agricultural machine makers.  In 1901 they are living in Thetford, at Vicarage Road with their first two children, Reginald and Archibald (later they will have two more Edgar and Sybil).  He is described as a fitter.  They are clearly a thriving couple with a good standard of housing.  Walter would tell his family in his later life that he had escaped the drunken environment he had been brought up in by being a hard-worker, literate and a total abstainer.

William was born in 1870; in 1881 he is a scholar.  In August 1896 he marries Maud Foxcroft at St Peters, Hunslet Moor; the witnesses are Elizabeth Ann his sister and Alfred Patrickson, who will become her husband.  Bride, groom and witnesses can all sign their names.  William is a boiler maker living at 8 Beverley Street; she lives close by at number 4.  In 1901 they are living at Balcombe Grove, he is still a boiler fitter.  They have one child, Evelina.  In 1911 they are still living at Balcombe Grove, but their family has grown, Wilfred is seven, Walter 2 and there is Doris, a new-born baby.

Charles was born in 1874; in 1891 he is a corn miller.  On 2nd April he marries Annie Wood in St Judes, Hunslet.  His brother Walter is one of the witnesses.  Bride, groom and witnesses can all sign their names.  The both give the address of 87 Hunslet Road.  In 1901 they are living at Belle Isle.  He is described as a store keeper at a colliery.  Their children are Walter, Edith, Stanley and Kelita.  In 1911 the family are living in Hunslet at 11 Burton Terrace with two additional sons, George William who is 3 and Harry who is 5, Edith appears to have died in 1903.  The wife, Annie is not a home because she is in hospital in Leeds.  There is a visitor with them called Mercy Winterburn – maybe caring for the younger children while Annie is in hospital.  Charles is a general labourer in the mechanics shop in a colliery; Walter a general labour and Stanley at 13 a metal turning apprentice.

Elizabeth Ann was born in 1875, in 1891 she is a tailoress. On 19th March 1898 she marries Alfred Patrickson at St Peters Parish Church, Hunslet Moor.  He is a labourer.  Bride, groom and witnesses can all sign their names.  He is living in Trentham Street, she in Linden Avenue.  In 1901 they are living at Jericho Street with their two children Albert and Nellie.  In 1911 they are living 2 Balcombe Street in Hunslet; they have a further child, Joseph and a boarder is also living with them.  In February 1921 Alfred dies leaving £2530 18s 7d to Elizabeth Ann and ‘Joseph’ Micklethwaite (a substantial sum).

Earnest was born in 1879; he is still alive in 1881 but no further record of him can be located.  It can be assumed he died as a child.


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