Growing my tree

With more of the 1911 census being available on Ancestry.Co I have been able to plot the children of Kelita Crossland, and their children, into the first decade of the 20th century.  Most of them are ‘accounted for’ and have stayed in the area where they were born.  Most have married and had children – not all their children have survived, but the majority have.  The average family size is shrinking from the eight or nine children that Kelita had to a more manageable three or four.  And the names are becoming more contemporary – with Stanley, Evelina and  Symons.  Walter, my great-grandfather, has moved to Norfolk and married a local girl, he is perhaps the most thriving of the family.  Maybe ‘taking the pledge’ was  mark of upward mobility (he certainly thought it was).  By this time all the children will have had some years of education – all will be literate and some are already in skilled trades.

My page on Kelita’s children and descendents gives the details.


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I am a family historian with an interest not only in direct lines but in the social background and historical setting of the families I research.
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